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The script to the video for the winning crowdfunding campaign for my children's book BAREBUM BILLY .

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

Below is the script for the video which accompanied the successful crowdfunding campaign for BAREBUM BILLY which raised over $64K on November 20, 2021. The book is now available for purchase at or simply click HERE.


Think about all the funniest, most unforgettable story books you grew up with as a kid and what your own kids love to be read now. This new book, BAREBUM BILLY, just might be yours and their new favourite.

BAREBUM BILLY is about a little boy who loves to strip off and run around nude in the most inappropriate of places.

Much to the embarrassment of his poor parents, the fury of various conservative folk, and the abject horror of his neurotic toy robot, Billy streaks naked through his nasty neighbours’ garden, a supermarket, his school, an art gallery, a swimming pool, a railway station, a golf course, the beach, the zoo, a cemetery and even, yes, his local church. And that’s just to name a few.

But one day, Billy meets someone who changes his life and… well, no more spoilers.

Suffice to say, BAREBUM BILLY has everything. The catchy, rhyming verses that kids love. Awesome illustrations. A feel-good closing message and a happily ever after. It’s also laugh-out-loud funny and absolutely irreverent. Billy even has a silly song that he sings as he runs wild.

Every single kid we have read it to—including our own—thinks BAREBUM BILLY is hilarious, and giggles like crazy at his shameless escapades.

And it’s not just them, either. Adults also love the story’s satirical humour and subtle (and not-so subtle) visual gags.

BAREBUM BILLY really is one of those rare books that everyone will love to read to young kids, as much as every kid loves to have it read to them.

Which is why we need your help to get it out there.

As you can see, the book is ready to go, but by pledging to our crowdfund, you’ll help contribute to the costs of the illustrations, design, printing, marketing and distribution, so we can ensure it’s on the shelves and online in all good book shops.

Check out our crowdfunding page to learn the full range of rewards on offer depending on how much you pledge – from a signed copy of the book, to t-shirts, jigsaw puzzles, prints, coffee mugs, to NFTs and more, as well as our stretch goals to make an animated short film of the story.

One more thing – BAREBUM BILLY the song, and in fact the entire idea of the book, came about from a silly rhyme I used to sing to my own young kids after they jumped out of the bath and would run around like crazy absolute starkers without a care in the world. Every parent will tell you kids that age have an unfettered joy and innocence to them.

And it’s that sense of pure, unbridled fun and silliness that’s been woven into every line and every page.

Thank you so much for helping us bring BAREBUM BILLY to the world. We promise it’ll make story time more fun than ever.

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